The One Who Taught Me Everything

The One Who Taught Me Everything

When we pulled away, I opened my eyes and smiled. I couldn’t keep from doing it. Richard smiled too, and then we were kissing again. I thought that was as far as it would go, we would kiss, and then I would leave, but I was wrong. So wrong.

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About the Book

In The One Who Taught Me Everything, John is a Midwest young man unsure of where his life is taking him. He has a girlfriend he doesn’t love, and he works for his father even though he’d rather be writing. The story is told through John’s own words, taking the form of a diary he begins to keep as his spirit darkens.

That same spirit seems to soar however after he meets Richard, a caring, smart, and good looking gay man who makes John realize he may just be gay himself. He gives in to his true desires, and his relationship with Richard is the backbone of the new man John hopes to be. He goes to college with plans to become a writer, and he and Richard seemed destined for a long and wonderful love.

But things don’t always turn out the way we may hope. Richard doesn’t want to keep their relationship a secret, and John isn’t willing to come out to anyone. And when tragedy strikes, John realizes that a man always has things that are expected of him, even if they’re at odds with the things he wants for himself. Can a great love survive heartbreak and loss? Or will The One Who Taught Me Everything also be the one who got away?

Disclaimer this book is intended to evoke high emotions in those who read it. Very steamy M/M eBook for a mature audience ONLY

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