The Forbidden Touch

The Forbidden Touch

His was a boyish beauty that radiated both sensuality and pristine perfection.

His full lips bowed upwards faintly in a kiss-me-right-away kind of way. Shoulder-length blonde hair, faultlessly chiseled features, and the absence of even a single wrinkle made the young man appear so perfect as to almost be unreal.
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About the Book

His hands are miracles. One can watch them for hours, transforming anything into something that never dreamed of being. Whatever he touches turns to beauty. He has the Midas touch, which makes the tongue envious and the soul desperate for more…

On a trip to Syracuse in Italy, Troy McLaughlin discovers a work of art that captivates his imagination and soul. Gabriella, the fiery Sicilian who runs the gallery where the artwork is presented, inspires his imagination and tells him of the enigmatic artist, Il Conte. The wispy manifestation of Il Conte awakens feelings in Troy that have always slumbered within, but have never before come to the surface. For the first time in his life, Troy asks himself who he really is.

During Troy’s voyage of self-discovery, he encounters the corporate lawyer Serge Marchionne on the flight back to New York. Serge shows Troy the way, and a passionate love affair is in the making. However, Serge is not who he makes himself out to be and Troy is left with a choice—pursuing his own dream of becoming an artist, or continuing with this life that he knows.

Stuck in a dead-end job and heavily in debt, Troy moves closer to discovering Il Conte’s true identity. His path takes him down a road of both erotic and artistic discovery, culminating in the sensualist’s dream. Does Troy have what it takes to endure such relentless pleasure and an encounter with a man who deep in his soul suffers from the same insecurities? The age-old question of whether love is enough arises, can it keep two people together. And what unknowns will plague them along the way?

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ISBN: 1547281863
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