Seth Valentine

Seth Valentine

“I don’t think he wants to party. He wants to talk to you.”

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About the Book

Greg works for one of the largest publishing companies in the world. Seth is a young rock star, living life to the fullest. The two men could not be more different. They’re also neighbors.

When Greg moves in, Seth’s constant parties is a source of contention. But as the two men butt heads, they find they may have more in common than they think. Both of the men are struggling with where they are headed, and they bond quickly. The bond grows to more, and soon the men are lovers.

But with Greg and Seth leading two very different lives, can their relationship make it? As Seth struggles with a record company that wants him to stay in the closet, and Greg pushes forward a book at his company that holds a devastating secret, everything comes to a boil, and the two men find themselves at different places in their life. Is love strong enough to conquer all, or are Greg and Seth destined to be nothing but neighbors?

Disclaimer this book is intended to evoke high emotions in those who read it. Very steamy M/M ebook for a mature audience ONLY

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