Paint the Rainbow

Paint the Rainbow

“That felt so good,” Ryan pulled away. His face was flushed red. It had been the best kiss in his life. His lips still tingled from the light stubble around Mason’s mouth. He wondered what it would feel like to have it rub against other parts of his body.

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About the Book

The day Ryan Mitchell meets action movie star Mason Whitelock, his whole life changes. Everything he believes in crumbles to dust. For years, his homophobic father and his well-meaning sister have tried to see him happily settled with a nice girl, but none of his relationships ever worked out. Each one of them had left him feeling empty and drained. Ryan thought he would never meet that special someone—that person who would make him feel complete. He surely never expected that person to be another man.

Ryan’s openly gay buddy, Juan, is the only one who knows what Ryan really needs. Not a weekend goes by when he doesn’t take his friend to one of the many gay bars dotting the city of Los Angeles. What Ryan sees there only makes him more confused. One weekend, Ryan’s dream of becoming a recognized artist comes true. His talent for painting is discovered by one of the country’s most reputed gallerists. Before Ryan knows it, he is introduced to the world of fame and wealth, and it is within this domain that he crosses the path of Mason Whitelock once more.

Married with two kids, Mason does his utmost to hide his homosexuality from his employers, the press, and his friends. He has everything any man could desire in show business, yet he can’t help feeling empty and alone. His emotionless tumbles with an ever-growing string of men picked up in clubs seem to do nothing to curb his desire for more. Everything changes when he sees a work of art that blows his mind. The painting conveys who he is—in the most meticulous abstract perfection—it is the virginal Ryan who opens his heart and shows him the way.

Paint the Rainbow is a stand-alone novel featuring two insanely hot men with different life-stories that—once told—reveal the same pain. Can they weather the emotional storm that ravages their lives? Will they finally discover peace and truth in each other?

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