John’s Variety Pack

John’s Variety Pack

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This comprehensive bundle encompasses six tales of hot M/M romance, each hero’s journey more delectable than the last.

Begin your exploration with A Flower Romance, an account of two lonely souls who dare to look outside the established routines of solitude for a chance at something much greater than the sum of their parts. Lose yourself in the Hollywood glamour of Paint the Rainbow, as Ryan and Mason conquer the burdens of hiding and secrecy, discovering that the ugly untruths we must face can come wrapped in pretty packages. While away the hours in an escape to Italy where The Forbidden Touch considers the bravery required to withstand unbridled passion and all-encompassing pleasure and our own worthiness to receive it. Live briefly in the mind of a young Midwestern boy who shares his innermost thoughts as he embarks upon a journey of lust, self-discovery, and honesty under Richard’s expert tutelage in The One Who Taught Me Everything. Get down and dirty with a broken house husband who discovers that complete domination delivered sweetly gives him the strength he’s been waiting for in Cuffed to the Future Tied to the Past. Finally, The Black Room sweeps you back in time to 1950s Ohio as two boyfriends find exhilaration in the backrooms of an underground gay club, but as they release inhibitions, they invite a whole host of complications.

These are stories of unparalleled passion, awakening love and the obstacles we face as we uncover our truest selves. Delve deep into these six-selected works for hot scenes, true love and real male on male romance.

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