Cuffed to the Future Tied to the Past

He looked over at Thomas, saw that the man was watching eagerly, his eyes wide to take in every stroke and tug.

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About the Book

David is a man of routine. Married to Thomas, a powerful businessman in New York City, David goes through his days in a haze of boredom. He's a house husband with nothing to do. The worst part is his marriage is crumbling, and Thomas doesn't seem to want to help repair it. This becomes apparent when David finds evidence of Thoma's affair.

Needing a break, David accepts an old friend's invitation to the snowy slopes of Colorado. The vacation is just what he needs: Fun on the slopes drinks with friends, handcuffs, and spankings.

You see, David meets Remy while on vacation, and the two men share a hot and wild two weeks, where Remy turns David on to a world he never knew existed. He is dominated in ways his overbearing husband never managed. He's cuffed and whipped and ruined, and David loves every minute of it.

When he returns home, David is emboldened, a new man willing to make tough decisions and to take what he wants. Now David just has to decide what he wants, while two men vie for his affections.

DISCLAIMER: This is 50k words M/M (gay) ebook is FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY. Does not end on a cliffhanger.

John Harris, once again, shows himself as a writer who consistently offers his readers a beautifully crafted, well written read. From that aspect, Cuffed absolutely delivers and soars! The characters and plot have substance... are well developed, the writing is emotionally evocative, and the writing style portrays the realism of life without idealization of the subject matter.... well done!!!
– Christine C.
What an amazing job John Harris does at telling this story. John will pull you so deep into these three men's lives, that you will truly feel every emotion. From love all the way to regret. You will learn each persons back story that leads into their current state of discontent. Thomas and David have an instant attraction, and sizzling chemestry between them. But as the years go by, each man has become unhappy with their lives. David gave up his job to become a stay at home husband, but soon feels worthless and ignored. Thomas always wanted David to stay home and take care of the house. But Thomas has become resentful of always having to work while David stays home. As their unhappiness grows, David suspects Thomas may be having an affair. When David finds proof of Thomas's affair, he decides to take a vacation to Colorado and decide what he wants to do with his life and marriage.
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Cuffed to the Future Tied to the Past
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